Diagnosed last year with FM; I noticed that the pain has been compared to the flu, arthritis and so on, what happens when it feels more like your bones are breaking all the time? It never feels just like the flu, it feels more like they are grinding?

Ouch! You were diagnosed with

Ouch! You were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I also noticed on another post that you stated that your hematologist talked about markers for inflammation being elevated in your blood. To my knowledge, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), CRP (c-reactive protein), rheumatoid factors and other markers of inflammation are usually not elevated in your blood when you have fibromyalgia. They are elevated when you have other conditions such as arthritis or other autoimmune disorders. I have come across in my research mention of a test involving antipolymer antibodies, which are positive in 50% of patients with fibromyalgia, but this test is still not definitive.I'm not sure what test your hematologist was referring to, but it makes me wonder if you also have arthritis or some other condition concomitantly.

Most people describe the pain of fibromyalgia as aching or burning, or as if they are bruised. Some people say that they get shooting or stabbing pain. I suppose bone pain could result from the muscles that insert or are attached to your bones being affected by fibromyalgia. I am not a doctor; this is just an educated guess on my part. I hope that your physicians are able to find the right treatment or medication to alleviate some of your pain. If it feels like bone pain, heat may be of some help.

Take care!

Jennifer Bunn, RN

Well, yes at first all of the

Well, yes at first all of the auto immune disorders were coming back positive... lupus, ra, and so on... but now they are not... With the trigger points test my pcp had "no choice" but to diagnose me with fm and to move on... I have not given up. I am still demanding tests. Call it denial but I just do not believe and it has led me here, I want to know more before I just give up and accept!

Heat is excruciating... That is another symptom; heat is very VERY painful; My skin is overly sensitive to heat, cold and is actually falling off at this point, like exzema gone wild at this point... Burns to the point of no return; I do not know how to explain it... That is why they are testing my immune system at this point I believe... I have not seen a Rheumatologist: no insurance acceptance until June.. Just doing research as I say... Thanks for all of your help!

I think you are wise to

I think you are wise to continue to seek answers. Some of your symptoms are consistent with fibromyalgia, but others are not. Perhaps a rheumatologist may be able to help you. Make sure that you have copies of all of your lab results when you go. It's a good idea to create a file with doctors visited, what was ordered and any results obtained. This saves time and money.

Good luck!

Jennifer Bunn, RN

That is a very good idea...

That is a very good idea... Another patient has recommended that I start doing this; that I carry my chart (of sorts) with me to the specialists. I am seeing neurologists, hemotologists, gastroenterologists, opthomologists for the 3rd+ time, and haveing the chart would greatly help. Thank you for all of your help!

You are very welcome, and I

You are very welcome, and I would love to hear what you find out. It may prove useful to others here.

Jennifer Bunn, RN

Sure thing, notta problem...

Sure thing, notta problem... I am still looking forward to hearing from others also; I think the best information is from other patients; but unfortunatly have not found others to come forward. I am currently trying to find others to communicate with. Trying to find others to compare symptoms, medications, even doctors with possibly. I know it's not reccomended at the least, but I honestly think that it would be good for me. I am a single mom, I do not get out much. My mother has FM due to a car accident. My dr has explained to me that my FM and other problems was probably triggered by my ITP incident back in AUG of last year and a virus, but the symptoms have been intermitetint for years (Seeing same doc for all of life); But if you compare syptoms between me and mom hthey do not match. I know each patient is different; but there are some big gaps... I also know that hypothyroidism and FM can overlap and cause confusion, but bone-grinding/pain causes me great concern... So far I have not heard anything about the Immunoglobin results (which i assume I would have by now; so I am assuming they were fine, or at the level they have been all of this time; low but now low enough of leukemia)... Still searching for answers. In June I will see a Rheumotologist and I will surely keep you updated. As for others watching this post: If you would like to contact me and talk more comment this please! I will find a way to give more information without displaying my full name for the world to see! Thank you to all!


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